Amelia Certified Mobile Bartender Service
Amelia Certified Mobile Bartender
Amelia Certified Mobile Bartender

No Chaserz is a mobile bartending service throughout the DFW area. Scientist by day, and bartender by night. Amelia took her love for science, from the laboratory to your glass. Loving to throw parties and entertain, she begin "bartending" at family and friends events until she decided to make a career following a passion outside of science and became a certified licensed bartender. Always thinking outside the box, recreating things to her liking, and moving to the beat of her own drum, she decided to start her own mobile beverage catering service where she could do just that.


No Chaserz takes pride in creating and providing homemade simple syrups, fresh juices, and signature cocktails. We offer licensed, experienced, insured, certified bartenders in the DFW area. In addition to bartending events, we also host our own bartending events. Creating signature cocktails and hosting events is what we love to do. Uncorked. Unfiltered. Unmatched. Entertaining guests while providing exceptional service comes naturally.


Our Services:

Baby showers
Bachelorette parties
Bridal showers
Birthday parties
Corporate events
Grand openings
Holiday parties
House warmings
Pop Up Shops
Private dinner parties
Social events
Any event where beverage catering service may be needed.


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